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At PerkinElmer Genomics, patients and healthcare providers are at the heart of what we do. We believe that genetic testing is a deep-rooted partnership, and are committed to making it accessible and meaningful to the patients and families we serve around the world.

In perhaps no other profession is there as much disputation as in education. Phonics or whole language? Calculators or no calculators? Tracked or mixed-ability classrooms? Should teachers lecture or “facilitate” or use paper writing? Ought education be content-centered or child-centered? Do high-stakes exams produce real gains or merely promote “teaching to the test”? Which is the most effective reform: Reducing class size? Expanding preschool? Inducing competition through vouchers? Paying teachers for performance?
And on and on and on. Within each debate, moreover, we regularly hear each faction citing boatloads of “studies” that supposedly support its position. Just think how often “research shows” is used to introduce a statement that winds up being chiefly about ideology, hunch or preference.

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We strive to offer a comprehensive and flexible suite of high-quality and affordable genetic testing options coupled with industry-leading TATs, enabling providers and patients to make treatment decisions quicker than ever with results they can trust.

Clinical Genomics

Whole Genome Sequencing

Combining superior coverage of the exome (over 98% covered > 20x) with a six week turn-around time, our Whole Genome Sequencing test is designed to maintain the same quality and TAT that clients deserve from an exome sequencing test, while also providing access to additional valuable information throughout the genome.

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Whole Exome Sequencing

We combine enhanced coverage of known disease genes and regions with exon-level copy number variant detection to offer one of the most comprehensive whole exome sequencing tests on the market.

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Leveraging genomic sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools, the CNGnome™ test by PerkinElmer Genomics is creating a new standard for detecting large copy number changes (CNV) throughout the genome.

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Our AnyPanel test gives clients access to thousands of genes and panel combinations to tailor testing specifically to each patient’s needs. When ordering AnyPanel, you can either chose from a list of over 200 expertly-curated panels OR create your own panel simply by submitting the list of genes that you would like analyzed.

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Biochemical Screening and Genetics

Newborn Screening

With over 7 million babies screened globally since 1994, PerkinElmer Genomics is one of the largest independent newborn screening programs in the world. With a menu ranging from single biochemical screening tests to large newborn screening genetic testing panels, we strive to be a one-stop-solution for all of your newborn screening needs.

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Biochemical and Metabolic Testing

Supplementing our Newborn Screening and Clinical Genomics program, PerkinElmer Genomics offers a comprehensive suite of biochemical analyte and genetic testing.

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Experience the Three Pillars comprising our Institutional Advantage Program

Built on our pillars of confidence, acceleration, and accessibility, this program is designed to bring providers the high-quality genetic tests that they demand, but at prices that they are not accustomed to seeing!

Learn more about PerkinElmer Genomics from Dr. Madhuri Hegde

To learn more on how PerkinElmer Genomics is able to deliver high quality clinical genomics testing for such an affordable cost, please read the letter from our VP and Chief Scientific Officer, Madhuri Hegde, Ph.D., FACMG

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