Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare professional, you are familiar with the fears and concerns experienced by new and expectant parents, especially regarding birth defects. PerkinElmer Genomics is an initiative aimed at helping you address such concerns, dispel such fears. The support that we provide you is largely in the shape of cutting-edge medical technology and global expertise.

Your One-Stop Solution for
prenatal and newborn screening,
cytogenetics, molecular diagnostic tests
and genetic counseling services.

Working behind the scenes, our team of scientists and geneticists ensure that
reliable and accurate test results are delivered to you.


The one distinct advantage of associating with PerkinElmer is that we offer early assurance by providing you a comprehensive Maternal, Fetal and Newborn Health Program, rather than just specific tests and procedures. Using the various features of our program, you will be able to guide your patients towards safer pregnancies and healthier babies.

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