Ordering Instructions

Placing your Order

Select the correct test for your patient, and fill out The Lantern Project Requisition Form.

  • Please make sure that all sections are completed and that the patient has signed the informed consent form.
  • For patients residing in New York State, the following form will need to be completed, submitted and approved by New York State Department of Health prior to submitting a specimen for testing. Once approved, you may submit the patient specimen, test requisition form, and New York approval letter to initiate testing.


Collect a Specimen
  1. Obtain a sample for testing from the patient using one of the provided PerkinElmer Genomics test packs. If you do not have a kit available in your office, please contact us here and we can have one sent out to your office.
    • Ensure that the patient sample is labeled with the patient name and date of birth.
    • Please note that all biochemical assays require a dried blood spot (DBS) sample or whole blood. Step-by-step instructions for collecting a DBS sample can be found here.
    • Samples may be submitted without a collection kit by following the guidelines for specimen requirements and completing the requisition form.
  2. Package the patient sample, informed consent form, and test requisition form back into the test kit, and utilize the included pre-paid shipping label to return the kit to PerkinElmer Genomics for processing.
    • As a patient’s clinical presentation is an essential part of fully interpreting genetic test results, we ask that you kindly include any applicable medical records or clinical notes with the sample at the time of test submission.
    • For samples that are collected without the PerkinElmer Genomics test packs, ship sample, test requisition form, and informed consent form by preferred shipping method to PerkinElmer Genomics at: PerkinElmer Genomics 250 Industry Dr. Suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15275. Shipping costs are included, please contact 866-354-2910 for details.
  3. For additional information please see specimen requirements.

Once PerkinElmer receives the sample, you will receive phone call to report abnormal findings, with a written report to follow within the established turnaround time for the ordered test. Bundled tests will be reported together in one comprehensive result. .

If you created an online account, you can view the status of your order by logging into your account.

You will receive a notification email once the test results are ready.

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