Our strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies are geared towards facilitating genetic discoveries, fast-tracking the development of treatment for genetic diseases, and supporting patients who have rare diseases.

Our laboratories include the state-of-the-art machines and platforms for biochemical and genetic testing. This focus on cutting edge technology, paired with our expertise, our global footprint, and our focus on an exemplary customer experience make PerkinElmer Genomics your solution for any project. Contact us to discuss your projects, large and small: we want to help support your work.

We develop tailored support for our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. Our services include:

  • Pre-clinical testing to screen patients
  • Testing during clinical trials
  • New assay development
  • Data management
  • Sponsored testing programs

Why choose PerkinElmer Genomics?

• Led by world-renowned geneticists and a team of board-certified geneticists
• Over 20 years’ experience in NBS and rare disease screening with over 500M babies tested globally

Technologies & Assay Design
• Meeting or surpassing industry standards with regards to testing coverage and assay design
• Utilizing the newest in NGS technologies

• Leveraging PerkinElmer’s position as an industry-leader in NGS work-flow solutions, we create unmatched efficiency and sustainability within the lab

• Accelerating the delivery of results to clinicians and families with industry-leading TATs for panels, exomes, and genomes

Finding the Right Test
• Comprehensive and flexible testing menu to ensure that you can always find the test that best meets the patient’s needs

Sample Collection
• Multiple sample types to ensure quick and timely sample collection

Our service offerings

Our Clinical Genomics program includes our AnyPanelTM test, which gives clients access to thousands of genes and panel combinations to tailor testing specifically to each patient and program’s need.

Our Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) assays are the most comprehensive on the market.

Our biochemical lab provides over 150 tests that comprise a comprehensive suite of genetic and biochemical analyte testing related to metabolic conditions.

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