About Vanadis® NIPT

Vanadis® NIPT is a high-precision non-invasive prenatal assay designed to accurately screen for the three most common chromosomal anueploidy syndromes (Trisomy 21, 18, and 13). Utilizing the PerkinElmer Vanadis® system, this laboratory developed test was designed to offer an affordable testing option that can deliver accurate and reliable results to more women than ever before.

Features of  Vanadis® NIPT

  • Accurate screening for the most common aneuploidies: Trisomy 21, 18 and 13
  • Optional selection of fetal sex determination
  • Low no-call rate provided by high-precision technology

Benefits of Vanadis® NIPT

  • High-precision test:  Utilizing an innovative cell-free DNA testing technology, Vanadis® NIPT performs with high-precision even for samples with low fetal fractions.
  • Simple, Safe and Convenient:  Reliable results delivered from a single blood draw as early as 10 weeks gestation.
  • Fast Turn-Around-Time:  Results are available in an average of 5-7 days.
  • Increased Accessibility to Testing: Vanadis® NIPT is performed without the expenses of PCR or complex bioinformatics, allowing for an affordable option for accurate aneuploidy screening for more women.
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Vanadis® NIPT FAQs

Non-invasive prenatal testing has demonstrated superior performance for screening for common aneuploidies over traditional serum screening, helping patients avoid unnecessary invasive procedures and thereby, reducing the risk of fetal loss. However, the complexity, cost and high no-call rate of PCR-based NIPTs has limited access to the advantages of NIPT results in the general population. With the affordable price and low no-call rate of Vanadis® NIPT, the benefits of a reliable NIPT are now accessible to more women.

Performed without PCR amplification and unlike other complex sequencing-based NIPTs, Vanadis® NIPT directly captures target  chromosomal fragments and labels them for high-yield counting which enables high-performance screening for fetal aneuploidies at an affordable price.

The steps Vanadis® NIPT takes to create a high-precision assay are:

  1. Counting more molecules: The  Vanadis® NIPT counts, on average, 3x more molecules from target chromosomes than traditional sequencing-based NIPT tests.
  2. Eliminating errors propagated by PCR: The Vanadis® NIPT utilizes rolling-circle-replication, rather than PCR, to reduce variability.
  3. Utilizing full automation: The Vanadis® NIPT is performed on a fully automated system utilizing a DNA extraction protocol to enrich fetal fraction.

The high-precision of Vanadis® NIPT, greatly reduces variation and tightens the Z-Score distribution. This allows for accurate screening of aneuploidies even in samples with lower fetal fractions, and enables Vanadis® NIPT to provide one of the lowest no-call rates among NIPT assays.

The sensitivity of Vanadis® NIPT is >99% for trisomy 21, 89% for trisomy 18 and >99% for trisomy 13 with specificities of >99% for all common trisomies. The high-precision of Vanadis® NIPT provides these sensitivities and specificities even for samples with fetal fractions <4%, providing a low no-call rate of just 0.4%.

The standard Vanadis® NIPT assay provides accurate screening for the three most common trisomy disorders (Trisomy 21, 18 and 13). Fetal sex determination is also available as an additional testing option, if desired.

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